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Views from the Walks:


A magic waterfall under the North Face of the Matterhorn

Magnificent hiking by the Matterhorn - 58 KB

Beautiful flowers are typical of summer in Zermatt - 138 KB

Climbers approach the Matterhorn - 116 KB

Breithorn north face - 133 KB

Another Matterhorn sunset - 67 KB

Magic Monte Rosa sunrise - 82 KB

A typical forest path - 79 KB

Findeln in summer - 91 KB

The stunningly beautiful Weisshorn - 57 KB

A typical classic view from Zermatt - 123 KB

The spires of Zinal Rothorn and Weisshorn

The Matterhorn looms majestically - 163 KB

Beautiful Monte Rosa and Liskamm

Beautiful alpine wildflowers - 148 KB

The Taeschorn and Dom - 83 KB

A Steinbock in the afternoon light - 59 KB

Tufteren - 109 KB

The Dent D'Herens - 151 KB

Matterhorn moonrise - 75 KB





Discover for yourself some of the world's most magnificent mountain walks and hikes.

 'The Walking Guide' is a complete online guide to twelve of the most charming and visually stunning walks of Zermatt, Switzerland.

Whether you are looking for one memorable afternoon stroll, or series of high mountain adventures, if you are visiting Zermatt and the Matterhorn "The Walking Guide" will prove itself invaluable.

Take a walk amongst alpine wildflowers and forests to charming mountain hamlets - to relax at world-class mountain restaurants.

Ramble on above the tree line for stunning views past waterfalls and wildlife. Hike alongside the brave climbers on the breathtaking trail to the very base of the Matterhorn. Hike up the the highest peak in Europe that can be done without a professional mountain guide. You will find it all in 'The Walking Guide'.

Click here to get The Walking Guide

 - Six gentle walks through beautiful forests and ancient villages
 - Two mid-alpine rambles by mountain lakes and waterfalls
 - Four high mountain hikes up into the midst of the great peaks
 - Plus a bonus orientation walk through the village of Zermatt

Wide shot of Forests near Sunnegga

 Exclusive Tips:
 - how and where to catch the best views of the Matterhorn and the 30 other great mountains over 4000m/12,000ft
 - where and when to find the most beautiful wildflowers
 - how and where to see the most wildlife
 - learn the good trails in bad weather
 - how to extend a good walk further and find trail variants
 - what to bring and how much you might spend
 - how to avoid any crowds and find true alpine wilderness
- Search for your ideal walk by the amount of time or effort required, how busy or popular a walk is, the walk altitude, or search by visual highlights and photos of each walk.  
  - Every walk is described in detail with clear language.  No previous experience is required.

Google Earth integration:
Visualize all the trails and peaks in 3D with our exclusive Google Earth overlay. * Requires Google Earth (free download for PC/Mac/Linux).

Who is The Walking Guide for?
your walking experience, and whether you want one memorable hour's walk, or enough walks to keep you going a whole summer, 'The Walking Guide' will prove its value. 
The Walking Guide presents to you the very best of Zermatt's five valleys and 400 kilometres (250 miles) of summer trails.

If you have enjoyed the photos on this website and are visiting Zermatt, you will love The Walking Guide. Experience the unique and ever-changing beauty of Zermatt for yourself first hand. 

A typical stunning panorama from a walking path

How much is The Walking Guide?   US$ 10.99  discount price
The introductory price includes access to online content only. The Walking Guide is not available in a book/hardcopy format.  (All credit cards are accepted - secure server).

What is included? 
The Walking Guide is exclusively available online as a series of user-friendly web pages. The introductory price includes lifetime access to "The Walking Guide" online.  A series of well presented webpages contain detailed descriptions and unique photos of all fourteen walks, the special tips, and several maps. If you are reading this page, you can be reading The Walking Guide in moments..
NEW - The Walking Guide is now also presented in Adobe Acrobat format.

Click here to get The Walking Guide

Another summer view to the high Alps
Photo available in Half Size 56kb or Full Size 208kb

Customer comments:
I am very happy with the Walking Guide.. It's one of the best deals I've come across on the internet. The pictures of each walk are well worth the price.
Dan Cordes - TX, USA

We covered a lot of ground in a week and everyone had a great time. I fell in love with Zermatt and have a great appreciation for the beauty of the area.. I just wanted to extend my thanks for the effort you have put into offering this great point of reference to the rest of the world.  J. Luttgens

My compliments for a very good & detailed walking guide!
A. Cordina - Malta

Found The Walking Guide very useful.  G.Kleeman - Australia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Is the Walking Guide available as a printed book or hardcopy?
 - No. The volume of sales is not large enough to justify a printed edition. Advantages to the consumer of an 'online edition' include free updates, a far cheaper price, and the knowledge the guide was written exclusively for a small number of individuals like you. 

Can I print out the Walking Guide?
 - Yes, please do for your own purpose. Indeed if you wish a hardcopy, you must print the guide yourself. It can be printed from any internet capable computer with a printer. The guide is presented in the same format as this page, if you wish to do a test printout. The Guide is now also presented in Adobe Acrobat format, as some people prefer it for offline viewing and printing.

What time of year are the walks open?
 - Six of the gentle village and forest walks are open year-round, another walk from May to November. The two mid-alpine walks open from June to October, and the four high mountain walks from July to late-September.

Is anything else required - apart from The Walking Guide?
No special equipment or experience is required. The guide covers everything from gentle walks up to strenuous hikes. Only a good pair of walking shoes/boots is recommended for the more challenging hikes.  A few of the more challenging high mountain hikes may require the use of one's hands on short sections, but this is a guide for walkers, not climbers. No additional map or purchase in Zermatt would be required.

Magnificent Matterhorn - up close and personal

How big is The walking Guide?
The guide consists of approximately fifty pages of text, three maps, and hundreds of unique photos to help you choose your ideal walk or hike.

Any further questions or comments about The Walking Guide?
Send an email

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Click here to get The Walking Guide

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