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The magnificent panorama from Ober Rothorn (3415m)
Scroll your screen to the right to see all of this very wide photo. From left to right: Weisshorn 4506m, Brunegghorn 3838m, Dom 4545m, Täschhorn 4491m, Alphubel 4206m, Allalinhorn 4027m, Rimpfischorn 4199m, Strahlhorn 4190m, Monte Rosa 4634m, Liskamm 4527m, Castor 4228m, Pollux 4092m, Breithorn 4164m, Klein Matterhorn 3885m. The comes the ever present Matterhorn 4478m all on its own, followed by the Dent Blanche 4357m, Ober Gabelhorn 4063m, and the Zinal Rothorn 4221m.

This panorama is also available in a full screen size - 371 kb. You can find more beautiful panoramas from other viewpoints around Zermatt here.


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