Zermatt, Rothorn - 3103m/10,200ft - 180 degree winter/spring panorama

This view begins looking east. Scroll your screen to the right to see all of this very wide image. South is in the center of the photo.
Rothorn is easily reached by a combination of underground express train and cable cars. Great ski runs, and in summer, walks descend in all directions from Rothorn.
This photo gives a great view to the legendary north facing ski slopes of Stockhorn, Triftji, Hohtalli, and Gornergrat. Although if you are not familiar with Zermatt their closer ridgeline is a bit hard to distinguish from the massive mountain range far behind..
Prominent big mountains in this photo are (left to right) the Rimpfischhorn 4199m, Strahlhorn 4190m,  Monte Rosa/Dufourspitz 4634m, Liskamm 4527m, Castor 4226m, Pollux 4091m, Breithorn 4164m, Klein Matterhorn 3885m, and the Matterhorn itself at 4478m.

This panorama is also available in a half screen size - 116 kb. Actual photo taken April 7th, 2000.
You can find more beautiful panoramas from other viewpoints around Zermatt here.


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