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We hope you have found this site useful. We are making every effort to expand this website into a truly great one.

Many common questions are already addressed somewhere within this expanding website. You can check the table of contents to see if your query has already been answered.

If you require further information, please direct your enquires to one of the following email addresses:

If you are interested in any of the photos on the website, please direct enquiries to the webmaster. All photos were taken by the webmaster, unless otherwise noted by each photo.

General questions about the village of Zermatt and requests for printed tourist brochures should be directed to the Official Tourist Office : info@zermatt.ch
NB. This ski-zermatt web site is maintained independently of the Tourist Office. If you email the Tourist Office, do not expect them to necessarily understand any comments related to this web site.

The webmaster
Regarding ski-zermatt.com: personal words of encouragement, copyright and commercial enquiries can be made to the webmaster.

For the moment I cannot guarantee a personal reply to general questions about Zermatt. Thanks for your understanding.

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Bernie - a local celebrity

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